One side of my personality is a hippie goddess psychedelic faerie earth-mamma and the other side is a progressive technophilic r/evolutionary bent on forward escape.  I'm extraordinarily lucky.  I work at Renaissance Faires.  I used to run big live action role playing games for a living.  I invent cool toys.  I write stories, poems, plays, movies and essays, some of which are quite good.  I was a rave promoter for a while.  I'm a Rainbow kid.  I founded a big cool Esplanade camp at Burning Man.  I do anonymous public art projects. I've been a child of fortune sans domocile fixed a number of times; in Berkeley, on Maui, in the concert tour scene and in Europe. I've been a nanny for most of my adult life.  I'm a childbirth doula.  I'm a firedancer.  I'm an entheogenic researcher and semi-professional tripsitter.  First and foremost I am the Teafaerie.  Some people serve a god or serve their country.  Me, I serve the Tea.  Welcome to my website.  I love my beautiful life and my amazing friends.